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I am first and foremost Mamma to my gorgeous girl Scarlett, she sent me on a journey of natural health when she developed extreme eczema when she was a baby. I knew allopathic medicines did not heal this skin condition long-term so with a strong fascination in nutrition, I went on a journey of holistic health and healing that ultimately changed all of us.



Be a part of my wonderful journey towards healthy lifestyle!



I coach women / Mamma’s to live their best version of themselves in mind, body and spirit so that they have more to give to the world and their children. We are at a perilous time in our evolution where we need to bring harmony to our physical, emotional and spiritual health, it is not without hope!


I am a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist and I love to teach and bring communities (that are often lacking in our isolated world) back together to empower women. I teach a huge range of health and lifestyle courses and workshops from small intimate groups to large inspiring events welcoming audiences of thousands, I am in flow when surrounded by women who are ready to change the course of their life.

I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils in 2015 and the quality of the oils combined with the ethics of the company became a partnership to how I could support families. We personally use the oils, products and supplements every day and would now not be without them, make sure you connect with me on social media to see our daily use. I continue to teach classes nationwide and it has been purposeful to meet families and begin their new journey of health.

I am also a Diamond Leader for doTERRA, this incredible journey has happily attracted a community of like-minded leaders as colleagues - we connect, inspire, collaborate - together we are a dynamic, powerhouse team of female (and male) entrepreneurs. If this is something that calls to you, learn how you can join the team {here}.

I founded The Life Sutra in 2012 to document what I had learnt, knowing the ‘prayer / testimony” (Sutra) to Life came from embracing what Mother Nature had to bestow. I have been teaching a diverse range of health workshops for many years from my experience and enthusiasm – ranging from health and happiness workshops, essential oils, fermentation, natural skincare to many more.


I do NOT live the "average life" but I also do not live with disease or unaddressed symptoms. You may not choose to mirror precisely the way I live (my life, is not yours!) but I can inspire you that there is another way. We live in toxic time but I advocate that we should expect and actively pursue health. I have tried most ways of eating from Paleo, GAPS to vegan - I believe the roadmap of nutrition is found with personalised nutrition but I also know true health runs much deeper than nutrition alone.

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