it's not what I thought..


I was married, had a house, car, a career, a beautiful baby but I wasn't happy, something was felt to be missing.. I was grateful but there was an inexplainable, deep feeling of dissatisfaction. From a young age, I knew there had to be more than paying the bills and waiting to retire to live a fulfilled life.


My husband left when my daughter was 9 months old, I don't blame him (we are friends now), we weren't happy together and when I divorced, I found a small cottage, I quit my 'career" job and my life cleared an enormous space "to be" to decide what made me truly happy.


Months after this clearing, a profound awakening happened and nothing in the human experience has ever been the same again - some similarities to Eckhart Tolle, (whose book - The Power of Now, was responsible for this knowing). I don't give this experience much thought today but I know it serves a purpose to share for others who have a sense there is MORE...

Happiness is a peace beyond circumstances, a deep infinite connection to something beyond the physical body and mind, beyond the struggles of the modern world.


The words I wrote on my mirror in this awakening bear truth in every moment..

"Everything in the Universe is just how it should be"


Never in the time of humanity has there been more need to trust the order in the chaos. We must value what is important - our health, our spiritual connection - only then will we transcend the suffering for us individually and consequentially for the Earth.

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