Do not Underestimate the Value of Plant Medicine



If you are anything like I was, you considered essential oils something you used for massage or you put on a burner over a little candle, never had I considered you could use them to naturally support your health.


About 10 years ago, I was following some Nutritional Therapists in the US who were creating Facebook Groups to discuss using essential oils to support physical and emotional wellbeing. When I started to read the comments / testimonials, I was astounded to read how these oils were genuinely helping people. I went to my local health food shop and bought some oils, I diluted them and applied them to my baby's skin, her skin flared and reacted. I didn't understand then what I know now, quality is everything, most oils are created with profit being the top agenda and therefore are adulterated with synthetics.


5 years later, I came across the brand that everyone had been raving about in the US, dōTERRA - "Gift of the Earth" I have never looked back. I cannot imagine not having access to these precious oils as part of my holistic health routines.

dōTERRA - A Company that Genuinely Cares 
(every drop helps a family somewhere)

This company is now more than just oils to me, the Founders who own the company outright and therefore are not answerable to shareholders, deeply care about the welfare of the farmers and communities they touch. This is why I chose to partner with dōTERRA..


  • They never pay brokers (middle men) who take a cut of the money and often dilute the oil 
  • When the oil grows naturally in third world locations, it is sourced to help those who need a trade when charity money often runs out
  • They choose to support small family growers because this gives a fairer opportunity to all
  • Growers are often paid a salary, instead of on yield, to help support them financially throughout the year
  • The Healing Hands charity provides community support where needed, be it schools, medical care or even fresh water, check out a couple of videos here and here to see how they help.

Quality Should Never be Compromised

Every single bottle of oil is third party tested to ensure you always know the oils are unadulterated. Equally the potency of growing the oil in its natural habitat is never forgone.


This means that you have an oil that is powerful but safe for the whole family.


I love to share how essential oils can help you, if you would like to learn more join one of my classes here

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